Android Apps

I keep posting this list to various places, so I may as well have it here too. These are the Android apps I get the most use from:


  • ConnectBot – SSH, telnet, local shell
  • eBuddy – multi client chat program, the best I’ve found for MSN and Facebook chat on the move
  • WordPress – edit your WordPress blogs from your phone
  • Layar – augmented reality browser based on subscribable layers
  • beebPlayer – watch iPlayer on your phone (depreciated I believe)
  • Goggles – search by images
  • Google Earth
  • ShopSavvy – scan a barcode, get prices and locations of shops around you or on the web
  • ES File Explorer – FTP, SMB and local file management
  • ES Task Manager – task manager for running apps
  • androidVNC – free VNC client
  • NetCounter – track your data consumption, very useful for mobile data use
  • AndroZip – manage zip archives on your phone – now gone to an ad-supported model
  • Twidroyd – best Twitter client I have found
  • Check My Bill (UK T-Mobile only) – wrapper app that makes it easy to use the T-Mobile ‘txt for usage/remaning’ status
  • Barcode Scanner – scan a wide variety of barcodes, works with QR codes and browser integration
  • Skype – take a guess
  • Animal Translate – Google’s 2010 easter egg
  • Adobe Reader (PDF) – read PDF files on the phone
  • AdFree Android (rooted devices) – advert blocker for rooted devices, think this even blocks app adverts
  • Frequency Generator – great noise making thingy
  • SwiftKey Keyboard (now out of Beta and even better) – best keyboard IME I have found
  • Kindle – read Amazon ebooks on the phone


  • Armadillo Roll – tech demo from the chip manufacturers
  • GameBoid – GBA emulator
  • Robo Defender – good tower defence game
  • Parallel Kingdoms – MMORPG played in augmented reality
  • The Great Land Grab – augmented reality game based on physically visiting locations to buy them
  • Frodo C64 – C64 emulator (too slow for games realistically)
  • Chess – take a guess

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