Audible on Linux

Not a specific Android post, but due to necessity I’ve stumbled across a way of doing something moderately simply that is otherwise moderately difficult. Your definition of simple and difficult may be different to mine. YMMV.

I love the guys over at Audible for their cheap audio books and large selection of titles. One thing that has bugged the Linux community for a long time though has been the lack of a native Linux client.

A lot of the suggested ways to get the content involve tricking Linux into playing the content by passing it through Windows Media Player codecs or by using the Windows application to create virtual audio CDs that can then be ripped. Some people also say that Wine works, but it didn’t when I tried it.

The way I tried today is to install an Android emulator onto my Linux laptop, install the Audible Android app to the emulator and get the content legally (according to Audible’s ToS). This does eat up one of your Audible installs but I think this is one of the cleanest and safest (as in playing by the rules of Audible’s DRM) ways to access their content on Linux.

This post explains in detail how to install the Android emulator, the Android .apk can be found on the Android Market site and this post explains how to use ADB to manually install the .apk to the emulator. If, like me, you have your real phone connected at the same time, make sure that you use the -e switch with ADB to install to the emulator.

Then go to your apps screen in the emulator, fire up Audible and log in as you would on your phone. Works great.

Audible on Linux

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