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Froyo, Ubuntu and Busybox

Tried to boot my Ubuntu build on the Nexus and got the shock of my life when it failed to boot. I initially got 2 error messages, the second of which was complaining about a lack of chroot.

The problem was a lack of BusyBox. Since the Froyo build was a stock + root only it is lacking some of the nice toys we are used to.

BusyBox can be downloaded from here. The busybox-armv6l works fine on my Nexus.

Instructions to install it can be found here and here.

Ubuntu now boots just fine.

Froyo + battery

On my first day out with Froyo it seems to be tanking the battery massively. Down to under 50% charge in half a day and needed a mid-day charge. It’s also getting a lot hotter around the base.

I’m going to keep an eye on it and possibly back the radio firmware down to an earlier release if this continues.

Nexus, Froyo and Flash

Or, why Steve Jobs can kiss my ring.

After many unsuccessful attempts to get a Cyanogen build to remain stable on the Nexus (*cries* so many good features) I have opted for the rooted Froyo build, available from here:


Some goods, some bads. beebPlayer and Skype seem to be unavailable from the market for this build for the time being. On the up side, the new release appears to be a lot faster and I now have access to the official Flash app from Adobe. While there are many reasons to hate Flash, Jobs seems to have picked the wrong ones as it works perfectly on the Nexus.

Sound is exceedingly quiet in the video. Video quality is down to use of the G1 as a capture device.

Coming soon (when I can be bothered): Open Office on the Ubuntu build.