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Absolutely loving this IME as it takes a lot of pain out of typing on the Nexus.

It also produces some amazing results:

SwiftKey Crack

Android as a sysadmin

I’ve already got the WordPress application for the Nexus so I can use it as a content creation device while on the move, but yesterday morning I put it through the most comprehensive administration workout so far.

On the train in to work I used the web browser and an SSH session to install a secondary WordPress build on my server.

It was fiddly, tricky and the on-screen keyboard did not help one bit in the SSH session, but I was able to copy and extract the tarball, set up the config file, install it, alter my vhosts setup and reboot Apache all from within Android on the Nexus.

It is a real computer.

Keyboard hack

It’s not pretty, but it works.

The bug seems to be with the way that Gnome interfaces with the VNC server. There are a lot of different suggestions over the net to fix it. I have found one that works for me, but I will be trying the vnc4server one at some point.

Hugues Fournier posted a reply to Scrambled Keys in feisty ubuntu desktop which saves a working good keymap and then runs it in the Gnome session.

To do this you need to VNC in to your LXDE environment and run the command:

xmodmap -pke -display :1 > ~/ ( if your VNC display is :1 )

Then create a shell script in your filesystem containing:

cat ~/ | xmodmap -

and chmod u+x it.

This is where I differ from Hughes’ instructions. You need to run this script while within the Gnome environment. For now, I have managed to use mouse control to edit the Menu. You can browse to the script and then enter anything as a name (you can tidy this later). Run the script from the menu and test. I will be looking at ways to auto-boot it later.

Bluetooth input

Just been shopping and the only shop to stock Bluetooth keyboards at all are the local Apple partner.

Tried a display model and the Nexus failed to spot it, despite seeing everything else in the store. Including the EPOS system.

Failure from: T-Mobile, 3, Carphone Warehouse, Orange, Phones4U, PC World and Maplins.

Nexus keyboard

While having a smoke and setting up WP to go on the nexus I discovered that it is impossible to use the screen software keyboard while shivering from the cold.